Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For those who love to snap pictures throughout the holiday season, a new Instagram-inspired advent calendar called "24 Grams" is encouraging users to submit photos for a festive project.

To celebrate the days leading up to Christmas, 24 Grams which was recently launched by a team of three in the San Francisco area  is looking for creative pictures to make up each day of its advent calendar. For example, a picture of two rain boots represent Dec. 2, while a photo of a cat tail coiled in the shape of a "9" highlights Sunday, Dec. 9. The following days are currently blank. (Note: The project is not directly affiliated with Instagram).

Here's how to participate: Users select a date on the calendar and interpret that number with a photo. The picture must be posted to Instagram before the deadline the site has a ticking clock at the top of the page, counting down the hours left to participate for that day. Users are encouraged to use the tag @24grams and include the hashtag such as #Gram9 for each day.

A winning photo will be uploaded to advent calendar page and the user will receive a personal gift from the company, shipped to anywhere worldwide.