Friday, December 14, 2012


Without much fanfare, Google updated its Google Now section of the Google Search app with one potentially awesome feature the ability to track steps and cycling.

A blog post about the app mentions that the update will let you check the weather, access boarding passes, find activities to do and more it's basically a nifty travel app. With Google's suite of connected tools, having a fitness tracking app just might make perfect sense.

If Google does create a gadget to enhance the fitness tracking features of its app, it'll compete with app/gadget fitness duos such as Nike+ FuelBand, LINK by BodyMedia and Fitbit.
A spokesperson from Fitbit tells E News that newcomers to the fitness-tracking market, like Google Now, will only serve to legitimize the space further.

The most popular fitness-tracking apps and gadgets today use Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth and send data to your smartphone or computer. Creators of these little devices are already a step ahead of Google by tackling other non-tech problems discovered in the first generation of their products  like how the tiny gadgets are easy to lose. Now, you'll notice the Fitbit and a number of other wristbands or gadgets are made in more grip-able materials. The Fitbit case is like a shell that holds the brain of the Fitbit, making it less likely you'll lose it.