Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple has had mixed success in recent months with its ads, but the company has struck gold with its latest set of print advertisements for the iPad mini.

The company has begun placing ads that show the actual size of the iPad mini on the back covers of several national magazines. In this way, Apple cleverly shows off what the reading experience is like on the iPad mini compared to the magazine itself.

The ad was featured on the back of last week’s issue of The New Yorker as well as the latest issue of Time Magazine, among other publications.

“We began running the new iPad mini print ads before Thanksgiving, starting with Marie Claire, Women’s Health and The New Yorker, and have followed up with Time,” a rep for TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple’s longtime ad agency, told to media. “We are looking forward to future partnerships.”

Shortly after the iPad mini was unveiled, Apple started advertising the it with billboards that made similar use of white space to show off the smaller size of the new device.

Apple has also aired several iPad mini commercials, which emphasize that the experience of using the device is just like the iPad, just smaller.