Saturday, August 4, 2012

Huffington, the weekly iPad magazine from AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group, is now available for free in Apple’s Newsstand.

The magazine launched in mid-June as part of a call for a “slow news movement,” an opportunity for The Huffington Post‘s readers to sit back and dive more broadly and deeply into stories outside of the fast-paced, incrementally focused environment of web journalism. It is edited by Tim O’Brien, formerly the editor of The New York Times‘s Sunday business section, and features a mix of long-form features, short reviews and multimedia ranging from photographs to videos and interactive infographics.

The magazine, which is released on Fridays, was formerly priced at $0.99 per issue or $1.99 per week after a one-month free trial. The app has been downloaded about 115,000 times, Joe Pompeo reports.

It’s hard to believe The Huffington Post would come to this conclusion after the magazine launched we suspect subscriptions weren’t high enough to justify it as a premium product. Better, perhaps, to have more users and generate more impressions for advertisers. And, who knows, maybe layoffs at The Daily had something to do with the outcome.

From now on, Huffington will be supported entirely by advertisers. Right now, Toyota remains the sole advertiser, a spokesperson confirmed.