Thursday, August 2, 2012

In the U.S., NBC offers live coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games online and through its Olympics Live Extra app. Still, many have criticized this coverage, as the hashtag on Twitter, #nbcfails proves.

However, there is another way to stream the Olympics, despite NBC’s “exclusive” contract to do so.
Lifehacker published a step-by-step guide for U.S. customers to stream real-time content from London via the BBC.
For Mac customers, you must first create a free account with your email address at Unblock Us. Once your account is verified (which takes mere seconds), you’re good to go.
From there, follow these directions:
  • Open System Preferences –> Network
  • Select either Wi-Fi (for wireless) or Ethernet (for wired)
  • Select Advanced –> DNS
  • Click the plus symbol and add these two DNS servers:
  • Reboot your computer