Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Facebook is testing a new feature for desktop and mobile, Save for Later, which will let you add stories to a Saved folder. Saving stories will provide a similar experience to adding a tweet to your Favorites on Twitter.

The folder lives under Apps in Facebook’s iOS and desktop versions. To save a story, hold your finger down on the feature and a pop-up saying “Save” will appear. On Facebook desktop, the Save option will be under stories next to Share, Comment and Like.

According to iMore, your friends won’t receive a notification when you save their stories, distinguishing the new Facebook feature from Twitter’s Favorites.

As we’ve learned from other recent features Facebook has tested, such as “Find Friends Nearby,” rolling a feature out for a few members is by no means a guarantee of universal adoption. Facebook pulled that feature just one day after it began testing.

As of Tuesday, the feature is available to just a few iPhone, iPad and desktop users. Has the feature appeared for you yet? iMore says you won’t need to update your apps for Save for Later to appear