Friday, July 13, 2012

Update: Fark updated its site Friday evening, East Coast time.

Undaunted by Digg’s disastrous 2010 redesign, Fark, the aggregation site known for its influence and breadth of quirky news, is getting a facelift, according to the site’s founder, however there’s a chance that he might be joking.

Founder Drew Curtis (pictured) tweeted about the upcoming change on Friday:

Introduced in 1999, the site hasn’t strayed much from its original format. Fark boasts about 3 million unique visitors a month, 60 million page views and 75 million outbound links.

The move comes a day after Digg, another news aggregator, was reportedly sold for $500,000 to New York startup Betworks. Though Digg CEO Matt Williams disputed the figure, the site was once valued as high as $200 million.