Friday, July 13, 2012

The user who asked Reddit to help him decode an encrypted message has deleted his account after receiving threatening messages and phone calls. At 10:38 a.m. ET, Reddit user delverofsecrets deleted the original content of his thread and replaced it with an update:

EDIT AS OF 10:38am 7/13 Received a phone call today threatening violence against me and my family, going so far as to name members of my family and their addresses, unless I delete this post. The caller also told me not to show up on the 19th and to inform anyone planning to show up on the 19th that nothing would happen. This will be my last message from this account before I delete it. I’ll also be changing my number later today. I am sorry if a resolution to this never happens, but I’m not willing to risk my family’s safety for a few extra dollars.”

Delverofsecrets, who told to Media his real name is Ali, arrived for a potential meeting with someone many assumed was the mastermind behind the coded note. He arrived on the scene where Redditors and other Internet watchers greeted him to get the full scoop. On the street, he explained how Reddit had dug up many of his personal details, including his Facebook profile and phone number. He was receiving calls from unknown sources even as we spoke.

Posting personally identifying information of any kind to Reddit is a violation of the site’s rules, and moderators work actively to remove such content. “As far as we can tell, nothing was reported to the moderators or to us (admins),”  We’ve removed direct references to a specific phone number and to a first name (Ali) which may be related. If anyone has any information about any reddit users that may have been involved in the harassment, we will investigate fully.”