Sunday, July 15, 2012

Did you notice something different on Facebook? I did, so I’ll share it with you!

Facebook launched a new format for Facebook Events and Birthdays. It’s finally in a format that resonates with nearly everyone  calendar format. Finally, right? We’re used to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCal, wall calendars and so it only makes sense to format events and birthdays in the same fashion on Facebook.

Now that Facebook enhanced the calendar experience, making it easy to navigate and see events well in advance, it’s time to leverage it for your own gatherings large and small.
New Features

  • Two options for viewing: List and Calendar.
  • Option to view the events on your Timeline.
  • Use the scroll-down function to view events and birthdays months in advance.
  • Export events into iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Events you’ll find listed are those you’ve been invited to, “suggested events” and friend’s birthdays.