Thursday, July 19, 2012

Facebook is testing a new layout for Open Graph app stories that look reminiscent of one of the most popular apps out there: Pinterest.

The new design gives app stories a little more face-time on your News Feed, and gives you the ability to do things like comment or like a particular element of a story.

For instance, one example we found of the new design showed a number of items a friend had recently liked on Etsy. Photos of each are displayed in a Pinterest-like grid on the screen, and buttons below each allow you to comment of or like each individual photo.

App-specific actions can also be incorporated into the process. Inside Facebook noticed the feature on a Foodspotting post and found that when clicking on stories you could also “want a dish” directly from your News Feed.

Currently the feature appears to only be for applications that are heavily photo based, and only appears to be available for some users.