Thursday, July 5, 2012

Calling all gentlemen. Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? The free-to-try website Bombfell wants to turn you into the hottest-looking guy you can be, $69 at a time.

The name is short for “Bombfellow”, which is the male equivalent of a bombshell, according to the company. Those who wish to reach Bombfell status but lack the time and dedication need only create an account—a team of stylists will do the rest.

The concept for Bombfell came about when friends and former Harvard roomates Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim realized they were relying heavily on outdated wardrobes, and lacked the time and energy to hit the mall.

With the help of Sarah Lee, a fashion-minded stylist, Bombfell was born.
After users create an account, supposedly, the team of stylists makes sure they know everything they need to make you look as good as possible. Each month, users are presented with one curated piece of clothing. If it’s a winner, the item can be purchased for a flat $69.

A human expert still has control, however. Each item is initially selected through an algorithm; the final decision goes to a stylist. If they don’t think a shirt will look absolutely rad on you, the company says it will be vetoed, algorithm be damned.

“We’re building an experience from the ground up that fully takes advantage of being an online service and leverages data to create a personalized, scalable and affordable service that anyone can enjoy,” says Yoo.