Monday, July 23, 2012


A new iOS app called Vyclone will change the way you shoot video with your friends. The social video app allows uses the GPS in your phone to determine your location, and find others who might be shooting the same scene as you at the same time. When two or more people are shooting the same thing, Vyclone will combine those videos together into a single multi-camera editing video.


With Smule’s proprietary “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat, creating a rap. The free iOS app has a Talk Mode which morphs your speech into a rap, as well as a Rap Mode that takes your rapping skills to the next level by “snapping your syllables to the rhythmic grid of the underlying beat.”


Location-sharing app Highlight was updated this week. The updated version of the app adds a Post nearby feature, allowing you to send out messages such as Does anyone have an iPhone charger?” to people nearby on Highlight. Other updates include more personalized notifications, Interest Pages, Notes, and better Facebook integration.

100 Doors

There’s more than one way to open a door. Android puzzle game 100 Doors gives you –you guessed it – 100 doors you have to figure out how to get through. Completing one door in the simple game allows you to advance to next.

Ski Safari

Escape an avalanche on your Android device in Ski Safari. In the game you play the role of Sven, who is working to escape an avalanche. The escape can involve skiing, but also riding animals to escape faster and achieve a higher score.


Twist is an app designed to let family members, colleagues, and friends know when you’re running late to a meeting or gathering. The app calculates your arrival time to a specific location and then shares your ETA with the people you choose.

The app can be used while walking, driving, or taking public transit and runs in the background using proprietary GPS and cell tower data algorithms to minimize battery drain.