Friday, June 29, 2012

While Christian Sanz worked at startups, he realized that there was a need for an effective way to recruit developers for jobs at top companies.

“The only ways for developers to connect with companies were through recruiters and résumés “I wanted to create a place where developers could share their accomplishments, their ideas and everything they did that is critical for hiring.”

So he and his friend, Reuben Katz, developed Geeklist a social online community for geeks to share their accomplishments, connect with companies and join geek communities based on their interests and expertise.

By connecting to Geeklist using a Facebook, Twitter or email account, developers can create profiles that include information about themselves, such as their interests, knowledge, areas of expertise, what technology they use, etc. They can also create “achievement cards” with short descriptions of their accomplishments.

Based on their interests, developers can choose from nearly 3,000 communities to join popular communities include JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, Photoshop, iOS, CSS and Twitter.

Users can connect with other developers in the communities by posting public messages, and sharing resources, links, tips and events related to the community. They can also “regeek” (similar to retweet) or “high five” posts that they like.

They can also share their activities to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can also post Github code on Facebook, or regeek and high five other Geeklist posts.

Geeklist has raised $800,000 in funding, and now has approximately 40,000 members. Some of its top geeks are Larry Sanger, who had the idea for and named Wikipedia; Jos Uijterwaal, who made the business plan for Cloud9 IDE, and Robert Kowalski, who created his first computer program when he was 13.