Friday, June 22, 2012

With Euro 2012‘s knockout stage underway, there are a number of ways to follow the actionTwitter, TV, online news, or one of the social sports apps that have been proliferating over the past several months.
If you like your soccer with a dash of social, however, you could do worse than Kyck, a soccer-specific app aimed solely at fans of “the beautiful game.”

Launched as a website last summer and iOS app [iTunes link] in April, Kyck lets you follow and be followed by other users and get content delivered based on the teams and players you support. Following users means their posts whether photos, comments on live matches or takes on club or international squads
are delivered to a stream that resembles something of a cross between Twitter and Tumblr feeds.

You can tag your own posts by player or team so that they’re filtered into specific conversations. A Top Kycks section, meanwhile, delivers content the app’s algorithm deems most relevant to you for quick browsing according to the favorites you list in your profile. Checking in to specific club or international matches means you get game updates and stats delivered within the app or via push notification.

The Charlotte-based Kyck was founded by Mac Lackey, a tech industry veteran and no stranger to the online soccer space. In the 1990s he founded a site called, which he sold in 2001. Kyck’s team currently counts 14 members, including three interns.

The app is still in private beta, but marketing director Jason Yarborough told Mashable users can simply download it from the App Store and request an invite to likely gain access within a day. A full public release and wider marketing push is planned for sometime in the next few weeks.

Kyck raised more than $1 million in initial funding this spring and just began a second round as well. An Android app is planned for later this year, and Yarborough says the company’s focus will likely continue to shift increasingly toward mobile moving forward.

Wider availability and an impending UI update are aimed to make Kyck’s social components and custom content shine even more.