Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am loving the new Post Analytics feature that Facebook rolled out for Facebook Pages this week. I’m sure Facebook added it so that more people will buy Promoted Posts, but it is very helpful for page owners in a lot of ways. And what’s great is the Post Analytics display is close to real time, so you immediately have a sense of how many people are seeing your message.

Gain more insight into EdgeRank
Post Analytics give you a better sense of how EdgeRank works, and reveals where you stand with your fans. Facebook says the average post is seen by 16% of the pages’ fans. But, if you consistently churn out great content and have a loyal, engaged following, that number will be much higher. Smart page owners will pay close attention to Post Analytics to refine their strategy and improve their EdgeRank.

Determine what time of day is best to post.
Pay close attention to the Post Analytics as it relates to the time of day you post. After a while, you’ll begin to see what time slots work best, and use the new Schedule Posts feature to schedule during those peak times.

And remember, one of the components to EdgeRank is time delay. If you post in the morning and most of your fans log in at night, they aren’t seeing your posts because it’s not the most recent news in their feed. Also keep in mind that some people don’t log in to Facebook everyday, which does affect your Post Analytics.

Guide your use of Promoted Posts. 
You can promote a post even after it has been posted to your page, as long as it was within the past few days. Post Analytics can help you figure out which posts people are seeing and sharing the most. The most successful and far reaching posts are the one’s you want to promote, since you already know they will go over well with your audience.