Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Facebook has acknowledged it could have done a better job informing users about changes made to their email addresses on their profiles, when it added addresses hosted by Facebook to users’ contact information.

The company upset many users Monday, by switching their default email addresses. Addresses most likely ending with or were switched to addresses. By not communicating the change to users, Facebook aggravated what could have been a non-issue.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company should have explained the email switch better, the Wall StreetJournal reported. The spokesperson also said Facebook did not switch default email addresses to promote its own services, though that was what many users suspected.

“We want people to use whatever service is most effective for them,” she said.

Though Facebook has explained that you can undo their automated email address switch, replacing your address, the question remains as to whether most users will bother.

Facebook had previously revealed it would be updating email addresses to make contacts consistent across the site, as well as syncing them with Timeline user names, but that was in April.