Monday, June 4, 2012

Social Jetsetters

This is a great visualization of Facebook users' travel habits. Instead of using airport check-ins, it uses check-ins at two far-off locations as a proxy, making it more informative.

Check out the clear North American-European connection, as well as the highly noticeable long-haul travel routes.

We <3 NYC

Several days worth of NYC check-ins are shown here. More heavily trafficked commercial and tourist areas show up more prominently than quieter residential zones.

Established Users vs. Early Adopters

This world map shows one day of Facebook check-ins by age of users.

The color ranges from green to blue based on the global median age, so the more green areas have more established Facebook users, whereas the more blue zones have more early adopters.

Getting Political

Here's a social spin on the red state vs. blue state map that's well known in the world of politics.

This map shows Facebook users in the U.S. sorted by stated political affiliation. Democrats are blue, Republicans are red.

Facebook has 800 million active users around the world who constantly update their statuses, upload photos and check-in to locations. That’s an incredibly difficult amount of activity to process so hopefully these beautiful visualizations will help.

The above four maps were posted by Justin Moore, data scientist at Facebook, to the company’s data blog on Monday afternoon. Moore used a Java-based applet called Processing to create the beautiful info-packed images.

“The images. . .attempt to visually analyze how people are using location with Facebook and present some unique slices of data,” wrote Moore.