Sunday, June 3, 2012

NPR interviewed Michelle Obama this week about gardening, but Reddit users were more interested in the mention of the White House's home-brewed beer.

White House Honey Ale is the first homemade beer to have been made in the White House. As one commenter mentioned, there are now two additional styles being brewed: White House Honey Blonde Ale and White House Honey Porter.

Scattered throughout Australia are 150 strange, "larger than life" tourist attractions -- including a giant Scotsman, a large dead fish and "the big poo."

One attraction in particular, the giant earthworm, is also a museum.

A Reddit user with elementary understanding of HTML, CSS and Java wanted to know what else goes into creating a website. One user compared a website to a library, and all of the posts to books.

The discussion led to a detailed, but well-explained, breakdown of dynamic language, and how it's used to create dynamic content, including ads.

In 1987, the first "Where's Waldo" book was banned because one page had a woman baring her chest on the beach.

The image was edited for the 1997 special edition, however Reddit users want to know what else was hiding in the popular children's book.

A funny photo of pigeons at McDonalds got some insight from Reddit user Unidan, a Biology graduate student. Pigeons, most specifically "Rock Doves," derive from sea-cliffs, but over time have substituted their natural habitat for the ledges of buildings.

The birds have also replaced garbage for food and pieces of gravel to grind it for them before it is digested.

Some of the most interesting things on Reddit are also the most unexpected. For instance, a post that’s just supposed to make people laugh might leave users learning something new. Or maybe an interesting interview with a celebrity includes a moment that’s fascinating, but has nothing to do with the original topic of discussion.

Those are some of the most valuable moments on Reddit. For example, this week users got a biology lesson in the comments of a funny bird photo. They also learned that the White House makes beer, which came up when Michelle Obama told NPR about gardening.

Ironically, the book that’s famous for making you look really hard for something small, “Where’s Waldo?” is also part of this week’s interesting facts.