Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sharing stories is simple just click a small widget on page you’re reading to tweet to followers or post on Facebook. Now, a company called Dideo is making is easy to donate to the causes you read about in a given story. Just click on their “d” widget and donate a buck to a charity or cause mentioned in your reading material.

Dideo is for organizations who want to receive support and individuals who want to donate to worthy causes.

To set up your Dideo account, choose whether you are a supporter or receiver. If you’re a receiver, you can set up a page with video and photos to tell your story. Donors also set up accounts where they can choose how public or private they want their donations to be to other users.

Whether donors want to tout or hide their support is up to the individual user. To manager your account, log into Dideo and select the “I support” tab. Users can choose to hide all, some or none of their donations.

Setting up an account and using the widget is free. There is, however, a credit card interchange fee for Dideo donators. This way, the startup says, the entire donation goes to the cause. Nothing is taken out for processing.

The widget looks like this:

Dideo guarantees your donation will go to the intended cause. If not, the startup says it will give you your money back. All websites are vetted for legitimacy before funds are transferred. If you’re still not convinced, Dideo includes a verification information link where visitors can use their own judgment about the legitimacy of each site.