Thursday, May 24, 2012

This budget, utilitarian option is a simple hard shell case with a rubberized finish. The back is completely sealed, so you don't have to fear beer froth disasters.

Students (of legal drinking age), take note -- as well as the plain black version, there's a range of popular college designs available, too.

Cost: $19.95

2. Opena

The result of a successful Kickstarter project, the Opena is available in black or white.

Its slide-out stainless steel design is a sleek way to avoid any unsightly humpback effect, making for a good-looking case that doubles as a great party trick.

Cost: $39.95

HeadCase's design boasts ribbing to protect your phone against the pressure of pop-tops, and is also moisture-proof.

In addition to the camo design pictured, it comes in black and a range of NFL team designs, making it perfect for football fans.

Cost: From $19.95

The industrial-looking Intoxicase+ is a little different. It has a small, collapsible, stainless steel mechanism that folds out to open your beer, and then pops back again when not in use.

Cost: $45

The iOpener features a thumb slider on the back of the case to pro- and retract the opener.

With sleek, slimline dimensions and lightweight two-ounce construction, West|280 nevertheless claims it's "hammer-tough."

Cost: $29.95

Have you ever needed a bottle opener, searched high and low, and after spying your iPhone, been seriously tempted? Well, don’t even go there. Instead, why not use an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle-opening gizmo?

Rather than an iPhone case that just looks good, opt for one with some seriously useful functionality. We guarantee* grabbing one of these five options will make you really popular at parties.