Sunday, February 5, 2012

1. Feb Photo a Day 

Blogger @fatmumslim (4500+ followers) started the #febphotoaday trend on Twitter by creating a "photo challenge" where Twitter users share a picture on every day in February, displaying the subjects mentioned on this image. She did the same thing in January, when #janphotoaday was trending throughout the month.

2. Retweet
The most retweeted #Retweet picture this week was this image shared by @spideyyzayy (2000+ followers). The tweet reads: "THIS DESERVES A RETWEET."
3. People who matter
#Peoplewhomatter was trending on Twitter last week. J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter series, was the most-retweeted #peoplewhomatter Twitter pic. The picture is part of a bucket ("to do before I die") list that was allegedly created by, where over a thousand of these images, all with a corresponding design, are collected. 
4.10 basic facts about me

Last week, this spot was taken by #30factsaboutme. This week, it’s been replaced by #10basicfactsaboutme. This image, by @ssran, explains her demands in a man are simple: just food. The tweet reads: “#10BasicFactsAboutMe The key to my heart is simple.

5. LFC
This image by @liam_tomkins (8000+ followers, Liverpool FC (#LFC) supporter and co-founder of @KopSource) displays the Kop stand at LFC’s football stadium, back in 1906. 
6. It's funny how...
This image that was shared by @ThaCarter_IV (2500+ followers) is accompanied by the tweet: “#ItsFunnyHow we know which one of them is going to the NBA.”
7. Make a change
#Makeachange has been a popular subject for Twitter photos for a couple of weeks. It expresses support for cancer patients and the fight against cancer in general. This picture was posted by @jordanlike (100+ followers), who encourages others to retweet it too.
8. Things that get me upset
@iDeepLove (100.000+ followers) tweeted the most-retweeted #thingsthatgetmeupset picture on Twitter this week. This might be familiar to some of us.
9. All star
A few days ago, @NBAAllstar (50.000+ followers) tweeted a range of pictures of NBA #allstar players. This picture of Lakers’ Kobe Bryant is the most-retweeted one. 
10. Have you ever noticed
Harry Potter fans have a reason to be satisfied, since Harry Potter is featured in this #haveyouevernoticed list almost every week. The writer, J.K. Rowling, ended third in this week’s list. This one, posted by @HarryPotterHQ (25.000+ followers), is at the end of the list.