Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1. Pixel Heart Earrings 

These cute earrings are a subtle way for a geek to show his/her allegiance.

2. Moleskine 8-Bit Heart Journal

We adore this notebook and there's a whole range of different colors to pick from over on Etsy.

3. 8-Bit Love Necklace

This laser-cut pendant will let your love put her pixelated heart on display.

4. Pixel Heart Set

This set, available as buttons or magnets, is just plain fun.

5. Black TetriLove Tee

Adding in a Tetris theme is all win.

6. Pixel Heart Hair Clip

Available as a hair clip or head band, this heart-shaped accessory is adorable.

7. Silver 8-Bit Heart Pendant

If your sweetheart is more precious metal then plastic, this silver pendant could be ideal. If you're feeling flush, there's a 14-carat gold version for $270

8. Geek Boxer Shorts

Finally, we're going below the belt with these brilliant boxers. Cheeky!