Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A list published Tuesday reveals which news organizations on Google+ instigate the most reactions from their followers. Since Google+ brand pages launched in November, media outlets have been playing around with how to best use the 6-month-old social network.

Based on +1s, comments and shares, The New York Times, Mashable and The Next Web appear to be finding the most success at roping in heavy engagement (see the top 10 and statistics in the gallery above).

Adam Sherk, vice president of SEO and social media at Define Media Group, ranked the top 45 media outlets by using All My +, a tool that analyzes public Google+ data of individual users or pages to spit out engagement statistics, charts and most-popular posts.
Never one to be complacent or ignore changes in the social media landscape, The New York Times posted the rankings on its Google+ page to thank its community and ask for suggestions on how to improve its strategy.

Google‘s social network has naturally attracted news organizations that want to interact with readers or gain more eyeballs on their stories, photos and videos. However, not all brands are getting the visitors they seek. Recent data shows that of the 61 companies on the Interbrand Top 100 Brands list that are on Google+, only 13 had followings of 5,000 or more.

1. The New York Times

A list published Jan. 10 ranks news organizations based on the level of engagement they incite on Google+. Here are the top 10 outlets that garner the most +1s, shares and comments.

+1s per post: 130.92
 Shares per post: 73.85
Comments per post: 43.00
Total per post: 247.77

2. Mashable

+1s per post: 62.10
Shares per post: 49.46
Comments per post: 33.08
Total per post: 144.64

3. The Next Web

+1s per post: 41.50
Shares per post: 58.08
Comments per post: 12.78
Total per post: 112.36

4. NPR

+1s per post: 30.22
Shares per post: 19.67
Comments per post: 28.49
Total per post: 78.38

5. Breaking News

+1s per post: 19.34
Shares per post: 22.32
Comments per post: 28.78
Total per post: 70.44


+1s per post: 33.94
Shares per post: 16.46
Comments per post: 18.08
Total per post: 68.48

7. NBC News

+1s per post: 28.47
Shares per post: 21.05
Comments per post: 13.27
Total per post: 62.79

8. The Atlantic

+1s per post: 12.00
Shares per post: 4.89
Comments per post: 43.00
Total per post: 59.89

9. The Wall Street Journal

+1s per post: 26.32
Shares per post: 21.18
Comments per post: 11.34
Total per post: 58.84

10. TechCrunch

+1s per post: 23.26
Shares per post: 16.29
Comments per post: 14.31
Total per post: 53.86