Sunday, January 22, 2012

1. Grand Theft Auto 3

One of the most influential games of all time is now on high-end Android phones and tablets. While the touchscreen controls are often convoluted, the game holds up remarkably well. The open-world experience hasn't been compromised, with the exception of some edited music. Otherwise, the gratuitous violence, fast driving and risque storyline are here as they were back when the game originally released on consoles.

2. Age of Zombies

This irreverent dual-stick shooter from Fruit Ninja developers Halfbrick has players traveling through time to kill zombies throughout history -- and even in prehistory. This is a game that recognizes the greatness of a zombie T-Rex when it sees one. More than just a humorous game with witty dialogue, the action gets intense with screens full of enemies and survival modes for gamers interested in racking up high scores.

3. Sleepy Jack

This twisting and turning shoot 'em up has players traveling down cylindrical pathways, collecting "Z" icons for extra points and shooting enemies at a rapid-fire pace. The player can quickly fire straight ahead, or charge up shots to spread out around the cylinder. Other levels don't involve shooting at all, like ones in which rhythm icons must be picked up to keep going.

4. Grabatron

Tired of alien invasion stories where the filthy humans are the good guys? This game is the answer: Players control a UFO with a giant human-grabbing claw that abducts humans and cows and throws cars. Complete missions and upgrades to further the demise of humanity at the hands of alien invaders.

5. Wind-Up Knight

This title takes the gameplay of an endless runner game -- with a toy knight that can constantly run in one direction until he winds down -- and ports it into a set-level structure. Players must try to master dozens of levels riddled with enemies, and collect coins and cards that go toward buying new equipment.

6. INC

In this comic-inspired action game, players try to activate three switches spread throughout each level, while enemies, weaponized defenses and hazardous environments stand in the way. Using OpenFeint, the game can be picked up and resumed from any device that has the game installed, and can even jump between the iOS and Android versions.

7. Meteor Blitz

This dual-stick shooter not only puts players up against formations of enemies, but also against dangerous asteroid fields. Players must constantly switch weapons to exploit each meteor's particular weakness, and can suck in meteors to launch back out at ships. There's a level-based campaign mode to go along with an endless survival mode, where ship upgrades can be applied mid-session by pausing.

8. Sonic CD

This classic game, originally released on the Sega CD, has been brought to Android, sans physical media. The game plays just as it did back in 1993, with ingenious time-travel that rewards level exploration and timeless Sonic gameplay. The game works perfectly on tablets and high-resolution phones, as the game engine was developed specifically for modern devices. This provides for better gameplay than classic games, which simply rely on emulation to port to other platforms.

9. Minecraft Pocket Edition

The indie PC gaming smash hit retains the ability to build worlds from scratch, just like the PC version, including the ability to build with friends over wireless multiplayer (and cross-platform with iOS users). The popular survival mode from the PC version is in the works, according to the developer, Mojang.

10. Shadowgun

Designed for the latest and greatest Android devices, this is a cover-based shooter with incredibly impressive graphics. Players fight their way through multiple levels, giant bosses and hordes of enemies, ducking in and out of cover to try and survive. Fans of console-style games on-the-go will love this.