Friday, January 20, 2012

It’s been a long, dark week on the Internet, but humor cures all. The daily Meme Machine continues to churn out hilarious topics to help you feel better.

Today’s hot topics include a flashback to the ’90s, thanks to the ever-popular Oregon Trail and Microsoft Encarta 95. For good measure, throw in an eel that shouldn’t quit his day gig, Lionel Richie and Ron Swanson dancing in a tiny hat.

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1. The Oregon Trail

Webcomic Formal Sweatpants took a crack at the popular childhood computer game. If you ever cracked an axle or lost an oxen while fording the river, you can appreciate this one.

2. Bad Joke Eel

Eels, what's up with those guys?

The discussion, which sprouted on Reddit, brought up the idea that the sea creature always look like it just told a bad joke, and are waiting for a reaction. Naturally, the thought quickly spread into a meme.

3. Celebrities Singing Lionel Richie

Impressively, this video took dozens of movie clips to create a robot-sounding sample of Lionel Richie's "Hello." Props to creator Matthijs Vlot.

4. Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson

Today's Tumblr is a two-for-one special: We have cats that look like Ron Swanson, which go so perfectly with the Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson site. Top it off with some Flo Rida and you have a perfect recipe for all that is weird on the Internet.

5. Microsoft Encarta

Yesterday, many frantically took to Twitter about the Wikipedia blackout, but the old 1995 software standby, Microsoft Encarta, jumped in for a "shot at the spotlight."