Monday, January 9, 2012

Windows laptops — were promised to be big at CES 2012, and the show just saw Acer draw first blood in the category. Today the PC maker unveiled the Aspire A5, which Acer claims is the world’s thinnest Ultrabook. That may be true, but unveilings are happening fast and furious at CES, and the A5 could lose the crown at any time.

The Aspire A5 measures just 15 millimeters, or 0.59 inches, at its thickest point. By comparison, the MacBook Air, the laptop that inspired the Ultrabook movement, is 0.68 inches at its thickest point. Weight is a mere 3 pounds. That definitely beats Intel’s guidelines of being thinner than 0.71 inches and lighter than 3.1 pounds to be worthy of its Ultrabook moniker.

The Aspire also features a couple of proprietary Acer techs that help with performance: Acer Green Instant On, which is said to bring the notebook back from sleep mode in less than 1.5 seconds; and Acer Always Connect, which promises to quickly reconnect you with any online services you were logged into when your computer went to sleep. It also lets you wake up the A5 via smartphone.

Acer engineered this machine to be both sleek and useful. The curved shell comes in “Onyx black”, with detailing in brushed metal. A flip-out panel hides the connectors, including HDMI, USB 3.0 and — in a rare sighting outside of Apple laptops — Thunderbolt. Acer only describes the processor as an “Intel Core.”

The Aspire A5 goes on sale in the spring. No word on price.

Acer Aspire A5 Ultrabook
The Aspire A5 is the thinnest Ultrabook ever, Acer claims, with a maximum thickness of 0.59 inches.

 Acer Aspire A5 Unfolded 

 Acer Aspire A5 Right Side 

Acer Aspire A5 Left Side

Acer Aspire A5 Back

 Acer Aspire A5 Beauty Shot 

 Acer Aspire A5 Opening 

Acer Aspire A5 Full View