Friday, January 20, 2012

1. Tweepi

Tweepi's "Flush" option allows you to see the users you follow who are not following you back. Its "Reciprocate" option allows you to see the users following you who you're not following back. And the "Cleanup" option allows you to see everyone who you're following so you can unfollow as many users as you like.

You can also see who your friends are following, follow full lists and follow other users based on who they follow.

Tweepi displays the users in helpful columns by showing their names, bios, locations, number of tweets, number of followers, number of users they follow, dates of their last tweets, their Klout scores and more.

2. Tweet Eraser

TweetEraser it has the option to search for and delete tweets in bulk from your Twitter timeline based certain dates, or tweets that contain a certain text string or hashtag.

3. Twuffer

Twuffer allows users to schedule tweets to be sent out at desired times and dates.

4. TwitWipe

Similar to TwitEraser, TwitWipe allows you to delete every tweet you've ever posted without the hassle of deleting your Twitter account and starting over.

5. Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow’s “Following” option allows you to see who you're following. The “Fans” option allows you to see who's following you, and the “Friends” option allows you to see who you're following who also follows you back.

Friend or Follow displays the users in grid format and allows you to filter users by private accounts, verified accounts and normal accounts.